Growing up I heard John, go to school, do your homework, get good grades and get a good job in the city.  We lived outside of NYC in Jersey.  That’s what all my buddies heard from their parents.  But something didn’t settle with me about that plan.  It had a limit, I was limited by my time if my earnings were all about my work and my time.

Over the years I found that my definition of success wasn’t having a good job.  For me, I wanted time freedom,  for me I wanted to be able to do what I want here I want with whom I wanted.

See I never got that “Good Job”  I started my own business, I had a taste of entrepreneurship back in 78.  Yep I was only 10 but my mind was already working.  I remember hearing my dad say “Jesus Christ people are gonna have heart attacks shovling this shit!”   They were going to have a heart attack cause they were out of shape and older.  My dad’s buddy Maxxy said hey “Johnny, Shovel my driveway and Ill give 2 Sawbucks (aka $20)”

I’m 10 years old and I’m thinking $20 bucks hell yea!  In Today’s delicate fragile political correct world Maxxy and my old man probably would have went to jail making a little kid shovel sooo much snow.


So as Im shoveling away, the neighbor spots me and says Johnny when you get done come do mine.  OK Mrs. G I replied,  another $20 and my first introduction to referral based marketing.  In one day I made $80 shoveling the neighbors snow.  I was friggin 10years old.  SUCCESS!!!!!!!

I tell you this because that is when I realized not knowing I realized it at the time.  I was responsible for my success, not some boss or board of directors.  ME, Johnny, John Cassidy.   So I went on to become an Serial Entrepreneur.  Now at 48 I realize success isnt the money,  its time and money.

The businesses I build now are for me to work less and have more.  More Time, More Money, More Friends, More Experiences.  That is what will make me Rich.

What is Success for you?

Until next time.  Keep being Cool Keep being successful.


John Cassidy